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About Us


 A Message from Dr. Gordana...

 "My name is Gordana Ilijevska. I am a Neuropsychiatrist Master of Natural Medicine Doctor, Medical Intuitive, and a Natural-Born Healer who channels Divine Healing Energy. When I was born, God blessed me with the gift of healing, and I have devoted my life to help people overcome illness and disease ever since. God also gifted me with the ability to visually bio scan the human body to detect disease. God uses me as a conduit for His divine energy to cleanse people’s bodies and recover their health. I offer hands-on spiritual healing in-person, over photos, and over the phone, and I assist people in healing body, mind, and soul in a holistic way. Each session includes the laying-on of hands with prayer, counseling, and dietary recommendations."

 "I have been traveling the world for 40 years to provide divine healing to children, adults, and animals in different countries. If you are reading this message, God has guided you to visit my site, and He has given you the chance of healing. I pray that you accept His blessings to save your life. People often look for me at the crossroads of hope and despair. I can help you with any health conditions or problems you may have; there is no limit to what I can do. Please note my spiritual healing is not a replacement for appropriate medical attention or advice. Feel free to send me a message or to contact me on WhatsApp. I am looking forward to helping you regain control of your life. God bless you."

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