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Dr. G's Divine Energy Natural Beauty All-In-One Bar Soap is a homegrown and handmade breakthrough product that cleans as well as it refreshes the body.


Experience the difference of a naturally derived and chemical free soap bar will make in how you look & feel. 


Rumex is a traditional medical remedy that helps kill infection. It is known to aid skin development, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antidermatitic plant.


Centella is s a traditional natural medical plant boasts an antibacterial and antioxidant acid. It helps heal diabetic wounds, as well as scratches, eczema, and burns. It cleanses the skin and hair while reducing tumor cells. It is known to help with bacterial infections, inflammation, and capillary filtration. The calming effects of the plant ease hypertension, stress, anxiety, and inflammation.

Divine Energy Natural Beauty All-In-One Bar Soap

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